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Mouthing Off With Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Dec 1, 2019

Sleep is, in my opinion, the most important part of the day and has such a huge impact on our overall health. Get it right and you will be infinitely more healthy. Many people think that sleep is just a matter of putting your head on the pillow and hoping for the best. However, how we prepare for sleep, how long we sleep for, and how well we breathe while we sleep are so important. So to talk us through the importance of sleep, the range of sleep disorders, how to improve our sleep and how it reduces our risk of systemic disease, I thought I’d speak to Dr Anup Desai. Dr Desai is a specialist Sleep and Respiratory Physician with a PhD in Sleep Medicine. He sees all Sleep and Respiratory conditions, and has a particular interest in non-respiratory sleep disorders, such as insomnia, parasomnias, restless legs, narcolepsy and unexplained sleepiness/tiredness. He has extensive experience in issues related to obstructive sleep apnoea and motor vehicle safety and has helped to draft regulatory guidelines in this area. His focus is on a broad and realistic approach to each patient's sleep disorder. You can find Dr Desai at his clinic Sydney Sleep Centre in Sydney’s CBD.