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Mouthing Off With Dr Lewis Ehrlich

May 18, 2020

In this episode. I am speaking with Dan Lowry. Dan is a former Australian Army Paratrooper who has done a number of active service tours overseas. Since leaving the Army in 2006 he has worked in a number of roles within the fitness industry. From Personal Training, to Fitness Management, PT Education and also in his current role as the owner operator of GTT Performance Centre in Hobart, Tasmania. Dan has a Diploma in Sport Science and has completed numerous high-level industry certifications. Dan has a passion for all things health, fitness and leadership, empowering people to learn and integrate life-enhancing practices and protocols into their life. Dan is also the host of ’The GTT Podcast’ where he talks all things fitness, nutrition and performance with the leading minds in the health and fitness industry. In this episode, we cover Dan’s time in the military, how he prepared mentally and physically for going into a war zone on the front lines, we talk about strategies to overcome your fears and achieve your goals, training for best health outcomes and longevity, how to achieve long-lasting behaviour change and so much more.