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Mouthing Off With Dr Lewis Ehrlich

May 24, 2021

Australia is the epicentre of allergies in the world and is on the rise amongst kids and adults alike.  Allergy is problematic for our health because it makes the body feel like it is in a constant state of danger and promotes inflammation. To talk us through why we are seeing such a rise in allergies, all the factors that are contributing to it and the practical things that you can do for yourself and your family to reduce your risk, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the leading Allergists in Australia and the world, Professor Pete Smith. Pete commenced his medical studies at the University of Tasmania and went on to specialise in paediatrics in Adelaide, before completing his PhD in molecular immunology at Flinders University. He has worked as an allergy specialist at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, and was a senior lecturer at the Institute of Child Health, University College London. In 2002, Pete set up Queensland Allergy Services in Southport, on the Gold Coast, where he provides patients the highest level of quality medical care in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. Pete is a Professor in Clinical Medicine at Griffith University and Bond University. He currently conducts research studies into the molecular aspects of pain in allergic conditions. Pete is an active member of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy, and a regular expert commentator in the media. He is a member of the World Allergy Organization, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, and the European Academy of Clinical Immunology & Allergy.