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Mouthing Off With Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Jan 5, 2022

For this chat, I sit down with a true ‘jack of all trades’, Dr Olivia Lesslar. We discuss how to build a strong foundation for health using nutrition, movement, mindset and sleep, but also go into the unique benefits of cold and heat exposure, breathing techniques, the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for recovery, transcranial magnetic stimulation to help with recovery from brain injuries, anxiety and depression and so much more.  

Her interest is in complex multi-system chronic conditions like cancer, neurodegeneration, and also in personalised health optimisation utilising genetic testing. In 2019, she moved to the USA to practice as the functional medicine practitioner for the Neuroimmunology Associates of New York under world-renowned double-board certified neurologist and psychiatrist Dr Jay Lombard before moving to LA to work as a concierge medical consultant under Dr Chris Renna at LifeSpan Medicine, a position she still holds, working remotely from Australia. Her other current appointments include: Resident Medical Consultant for CFS Health, Medical Director for Scott Laidler Fitness UK, Integrative Medicine Consultant to Queensland Allergy working with Prof Pete Smith, and Functional and Preventative Medicine Consultant working with Prof Charlie Teo at Cingulum Health in Sydney.