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Mouthing Off With Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Oct 3, 2018

Continuing on from the theme of anxiety and mental health with Dr Jodie Lowinger last episode, this one is all about meditation. So many of us know that we should be doing it but don’t really understand why or how. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard people say, “I can’t do it…I can’t clear my thoughts”. So to help people understand why they should be doing it for good health, improved mental states and performance, I thought who better to talk to than Vedic meditation teacher, Janoah Van Kekem. Janoah learnt the art of Vedic meditation in 2014 and has been passing on his wisdom ever since. What I like about Janoah’s philosophy is that he hasn’t used mediation to abstain from the things he enjoys, but rather he uses meditation as a way of being the most creative, engaged and happy version of himself doing the things he has always enjoyed. Janoah’s easy going and practical approach to meditation makes it so easy for people to incorporate into their busy lives. Let’s face it, we are busier than ever and the vast majority of us live in a ‘fight or flight’ state. Eventually, something has to give. I hope this chat with Janoah encourages you to take some time to ‘treat yourself’ every day and get some meditation into your life.