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Mouthing Off With Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Sep 17, 2018

When we think of health, we tend to focus on the physical, but mental health is such a major piece of the health puzzle. When we hurt our muscles we might see a physiotherapist, when we feel unwell we might see a doctor, and when we have a toothache we go and see a dentist, but when we are anxious, down, depressed or worried, so many see admitting to mental trouble and seeking help as a sign of weakness. That’s why, for this episode I’m really excited to be chatting to the inspirational psychologist, Dr Jodie Lowinger. Jodie has worked as a Clinical and Corporate Psychologist for more than 20 years. Jodie holds a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and a Master of Science from the University of Sydney, and was awarded the University Medal for Psychology. Jodie combines a compassionate and engaging personal style with a pragmatic, solutions-oriented approach.

Jodie developed her skills in anxiety treatment, through her work at the Anxiety Disorders Clinic at St Vincent’s Hospital, the Boston Children’s Hospital, Sutherland Hospital and The Child Behaviour Research Clinic in Randwick. Jodie is also an experienced leadership and executive coach, having worked for and with organisations including Macquarie Bank and PWC.

In this episode, we discuss mental health, anxiety, and depression. As well as the toolkit of evidence-based practice to help. This can include things like harnessing worry, getting out in nature and focusing on something as simple as exercise. We also talk about the challenges we all face, but particularly young minds, from technology. This affects us all and we talk about some strategies for dealing with it.